March 31, 2016

This weekend’s NCAA Final Four will be live-streamed in virtual reality

The NCAA has announced that this weekend's Final Four and National Championship games will be live-streamed in virtual reality. Fans who own a Samsung Gear VR will be able to watch each game from a courtside perspective for free by downloading the NCAA March Madness Live app in the Oculus Store. This is the second big move into virtual reality by the NCAA this month — just a few weeks ago, the association partnered with Fox Sports to live-stream a handful of Big East Tournament games.


March 28, 2016

For first time, a drone delivers a package to a residential area

RENO, Nev. (AP) — A drone has successfully delivered a package to a residence in a small Nevada town — the first fully autonomous urban drone delivery in the United States, according to the drone maker and the governor.


Shift5+: A modular smartphone running either Android or Windows 10

A modular smartphone Shift5+ is creating a buzz online, and is reportedly scheduled for release in the third quarter of this year. One of its unique features is its operating system that is powered by Windows 10. We have seen plenty of Android modular phones announced recently, but not as ones powered by the Windows 10 Mobile.


Will Microsoft Corporation Launch A Lego-Like Surface Desktop?

A recently published patent reveals that Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) might build a "modular" PC consisting of a processor, graphics card, hard drive, battery, speakers, wireless card, and other components encased in removable magnetic shells. The shells, which would be similar to Lego blocks, could be easily swapped out from the base, making customizing or upgrading the system much easier. The display, which rests on top of the stack, could also be swapped out.


Phoenix City Council allows Uber, Lyft to pick up at Sky Harbor

PHOENIX — After an ongoing controversy surrounding the presence of ride-sharing companies at Phoenix's Sky Harbor International Airport, the city council voted on Tuesday to allow companies like Uber and Lyft to pick up travelers.


March 20, 2016

College student 3-D printed his own braces to save money

An innovative college student who was self-conscious about his smile has been straightening his top teeth for the past few months using 3-D printed braces.


March 17, 2016

Messaging app WeChat is becoming a mobile payment giant in China

WeChat, China's smash hit messaging app, has long been a bellwether for the future of mobile messaging. It was first to popularize putting brands in chat and integrating third-party services, two trends Facebook-owned WhatsApp and Messenger and others are jumping on, and it looks like payment is the next major focus.


March 13, 2016

Napster Co-Founder Wants You to Pay $50 to Watch a Movie - Fortune

Would you spend $50 to stream the latest movies? Napster co-founder Sean Parker hopes so.

Parker is working on a new project, called the Screening Room, that would allow users to pay to watch movies from home on the same day they're released in theaters, according to Variety, which was briefed on the idea. The films would cost $50 per view, and would run on a $150 set-top box that would stream the movies over the Internet to users' homes. In comparison, an individual movie ticket can cost anywhere from a few dollars to $30, depending on the theater.


FCC approves proposal to boost TV set-top box competition

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Federal Communications Commission approved on Thursday a proposal to let consumers swap pricey cable boxes for cheaper devices and apps, a change that would boost competition in the $20 billion television set-top box market while delivering a blow to major cable companies.


March 12, 2016

Toys that Code Have Parental Appeal

The evidence is pretty compelling. Whether your kids are growing up to be actors or farmers, physicians or plumbers, their jobs are going to require a level of technical proficiency. But, according to and the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, only 10% of US schools offer computer programming classes. There are currently more than 600,000 open job positions requiring computing skills, but our schools graduated only 42,000 computer science majors last year. Obviously there's an opportunity here.


John McAfee oped on Obama cybersecurity

I cannot accept the possibility that a sitting US president would willingly and knowingly hand our country over to our enemies, lock, stock and barrel. Perhaps I am more naive than I think, but my mind cannot possibly conceive that.


March 10, 2016

Amazon leases 20 jets to build out logistics network

NEW YORK — Amazon is taking to the skies.

The e-commerce powerhouse has finalized an agreement to lease 20 Boeing jets from Air Transport Services Group Inc. as it builds out its U.S. delivery capabilities.

Amazon has been investing heavily in its shipping infrastructure, adding sorting centers, which sort packages by zip code and deliver them to post offices. And it has started to roll out thousands of trucks to speed up package delivery from its warehouses to the sorting centers.


March 9, 2016

Whole Foods and other big retailers are going solar, here's why

Years ago, big retailers and tech companies installed solar panels as a way to take an environmental stance. But these days it's often an economic choice that is fueled by the promise of lower and less volatile energy costs.



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