August 16, 2015

Seven Things We Still Don't Know About Alphabet, The New Google

Google's mammoth announcement Monday that it is restructuring as Alphabet clarified some things about Google — it's serious about its "moonshots," for one — but raised just as many questions, if not more, about its future.

Alphabet's structure codifies what Google has been doing informally for some time. It has increasingly consolidated its core money-making businesses — ads, search, Android, YouTube, and others — under the capable hands of former product chief Sundar Pichai, who will continue overseeing those areas as CEO of Google after the restructuring. And it has ached for freedom and autonomy for its more far-flung projects, especially when it comes to units like Calico that have little to do with Google's original business, or acquisitions like Nest, where CEO Tony Fadell was brought in with promises of independence within Google.


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