August 26, 2015

Is Microsoft Corporation’s (MSFT) Cortana A Better Alternative To Google Inc.’s (GOOG) Google Now?

The digital assistant world has long been dominated by Apple Inc.'s (NASDAQ:AAPL) Siri. For a long time, it was the only option available, but recently the arrival of Microsoft Corporation's (NASDAQ:MSFT) Cortana and Google Inc.'s (NASDAQ:GOOG) Google Now has heated things up.

Cortana works on both the iOS and Android and has brilliant voice recognition capabilities, which tie in very well with Google's search engine. There had long been stiff competition between Google Now and Siri, and it seemed that Now would edge out Siri as the preferred choice. All of this changed with Cortana\'s arrival.


August 24, 2015

Microsoft's Hello facial detection system tells twins apart

Just how secure is Microsoft's Windows 10 new Windows Hello facial recognition system? Even your identical twin won't be able to break into your PC, according to a test carried out by The Australian.

Six pairs of twins took part in the newspaper's test. One twin created a new Windows 10 account on a Lenovo ThinkPad and registered their face with the system. The other twin would then try to log in.


August 17, 2015

Startup energy brings Disney's BB-8 droid toy to life

GLENDALE, Calif. (AP) — If it weren't for someone willing to entertain a new idea, the new "Star Wars" droid, BB-8, wouldn't be rolling into living rooms this holiday season.

The robot — which looks like a mechanical head on a spinning ball — was the brainchild of filmmakers behind "Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens," who were unaware their puppetry-animated character could function in real life.


Customers can don a Samsung VR set and take a trip to Peru

VENICE BEACH, Calif. — Welcome to this reality: a store where you can buy shoes, eyewear and coffee, and also take a 360-degree immersive video trip to Peru.

Shoppers at the Toms flagship store here can don Samsung's Gear VR virtual reality goggles, which are tapped into a Samsung phone, in what's believed to be one of the first consumer retail VR experiences.


August 16, 2015

Sesame Street at HBO: do the pros outweigh the cons?

For anyone who's taken a trip down Sesame Street, Thursday was both a sad day and a happy one.

After years of struggling to stay on PBS amid a lack of profitable revenues, Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit educational organization behind the Emmy-winning program, announced it had struck a deal with HBO to move the show over to the premium cable network. PBS was left with a consolation prize: new episodes will continue to air on the channel, but only following a nine-month window.


Seven Things We Still Don't Know About Alphabet, The New Google

Google's mammoth announcement Monday that it is restructuring as Alphabet clarified some things about Google — it's serious about its "moonshots," for one — but raised just as many questions, if not more, about its future.

Alphabet's structure codifies what Google has been doing informally for some time. It has increasingly consolidated its core money-making businesses — ads, search, Android, YouTube, and others — under the capable hands of former product chief Sundar Pichai, who will continue overseeing those areas as CEO of Google after the restructuring. And it has ached for freedom and autonomy for its more far-flung projects, especially when it comes to units like Calico that have little to do with Google's original business, or acquisitions like Nest, where CEO Tony Fadell was brought in with promises of independence within Google.


August 15, 2015

Two plead guilty in border drug smuggling by drone

When 28 pounds of heroin made it across the U.S.-Mexico border near Calexico in April, it didn't come by the usual methods of car, truck or tunnel. It came by drone, federal authorities said Wednesday, making it the first cross-border seizure by U.S. law enforcement involving the new smuggle-by-air tactic.


August 9, 2015

How to integrate social selling into a sales and marketing plan

Whether you own a business and manage your own sales force or you're paid to lead a sales team, your biggest ongoing challenge is answering the question: How do I get my team and systems to produce better sales results?

No one can argue old school sales techniques like making cold calls, sending direct mail, attending networking events, and hitting a few trade shows every year works. But none of them work particularly well when we see failure rates of 80 percent or more.


August 8, 2015

Sorry China, the Internet You’re Looking for Does Not Exist in Chinese Stock Markets

The long arm of China's massive internal security apparatus just reached further into the heart of the country's web. On August 4, China's Ministry of Public Security (MPS) announced that it would embed law enforcement officers at major Internet companies, which appear to include China Mobile, U.S.-listed Alibaba, and Tencent, which owns WeChat, the country's largest social network. The online press release did not specify a time frame, but emphasized that creating rooms for "web police" in each company's offices would aid the timely discovery and prevention of evils like terrorism, fraud, the theft of personal information, and, of course, "rumors," meaning whatever the government decides is a speech crime. In a paternalistic flourish, the MPS reminded companies they must be "a model of self discipline in the industry," and refrain from publishing "vulgar [or] harmful information."


August 7, 2015

A drone dropped heroin, marijuana and tobacco in an Ohio prison yard

(Reuters) - A drone dropped a package of heroin, marijuana and tobacco in the recreation yard of an Ohio prison last week, sparking a fight among inmates trying to pick up the contraband, prison officials said on Tuesday.

"Upon reviewing the cameras, it was determined that a drone passed over the recreation yards immediately before the fight began," the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction said in an incident report.


August 5, 2015

Best latest selfie smartphones you can buy this month

New Delhi: Clearly, nothing beats a GoPro 3-Way with a GoPro mounted on it if you are looking for the perfect selfie, but lets leave that to the professionals. For mere mortals, the selfie is best done with a smartphone. But not all of them have been designed for that purpose.


August 2, 2015

Robots do check-in and check-out at cost-cutting Japan hotel

SASEBO, Japan (AP) — The English-speaking receptionist is a vicious-looking dinosaur, and the one speaking Japanese is a female humanoid with blinking lashes. "If you want to check in, push one," the dinosaur says. The visitor still has to punch a button on the desk, and type in information on a touch panel screen.


Tempe moves forward on Google Fiber ultra-high-speed Internet

Valley residents moved a step closer to plugging in to Google Fiber's ultra-high-speed Internet service Thursday night as the Tempe City Council voted unanimously to approve an agreement with the tech giant.

The agreement "gives us approval to build a network in the city of Tempe," said Angie Welling, Google's public policy and government affairs manager. Under the agreement, Google is granted the access it needs to dig, bury lines and hang wires, Welling said.

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IoT: A Fog Cloud Computing Model

Internet of Things (IoT) represents a remarkable transformation of the way in which our world will soon interact. Much like the World Wide Web connected computers to networks, and the next evolution connected people to the Internet and other people, IoT looks poised to interconnect devices, people, environments, virtual objects and machines in ways that only science fiction writers could have imagined.

In a nutshell the Internet of Things (IoT) is the convergence of connecting people, things, data and processes is transforming our life, business and everything in between.


August 1, 2015

Engineers create world's first white laser beam

Researchers at Arizona State University have created the world's first white laser beam, according to a new study published in Nature. More work needs to be done to perfect this technology, but white lasers could serve as a potential alternative light source — both in people's homes and in the screens of their electronics. Lasers are more energy efficient than LEDs, and the ASU researchers claim that their white lasers can cover 70 percent more colors than current standard displays.


Man shoots down drone hovering over house

We need to talk anti-aircraft weaponry.

More and more so-called enthusiasts are sending drones into the sky. This means that more and more normal humans are becoming enthusiastic about shooting them out of the sky.

Especially, as in the case of William H. Merideth, the drone is hovering over your house.



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