April 27, 2015

Arizona-based tech startups

Have you ever wanted to see Earth from space? Or ask a question at a conference without having to climb over people to get to the mic? Or maybe tip someone when you've run out of cash?

Fortunately, some of the brightest entrepreneurs in the tech industry have made those things possible.

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April 26, 2015

U.S. Postal Service selects drone as potential new delivery vehicle

Amazon isn't the only U.S. company investigating the use of delivery drones. The Postal Service is, too, and they've just shortlisted this 8-rotor carbon fiber beast as full of potential for future post deliveries. It's called the HorseFly.

Just like in the real world, you'll find these HorseFlies buzzing around a horse — a WorkHorse to be specific, which is what they're calling the vans that serve as mobile bases for these massive drones. It'll serve as a sort of aircraft carrier for the drones as they perform their drop-offs. A HorseFly scans a parcel, uses GPS to determine the shortest flight path to its destination, and then efficiently makes its delivery and returns to the WorkHorse to repeat the process.

Read more... http://mobile.geek.com/latest/256540-us-postal-service-selects-drone-as-potential-new-delivery-vehicle

April 17, 2015

The Roomba for Lawns Is Really Pissing Off Astronomers

WHO CAN HATE a Roomba? Astronomers, that's who.

The robotic vacuums we all know and love ensure we don't have to clean our own homes ourselves to get them spotless. (God forbid.) Now, the Roomba's maker, iRobot, wants to do for lawn care what it did for vacuuming. According to filings with the FCC spotted by IEEE Spectrum, iRobot is designing a robotic mower—news that should elate lazy people the world over.

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April 11, 2015

Buyers and sellers have overwhelmingly adopted programmatic, with mobile leading growth

The embrace of programmatic ad-buying tools is fueling a dramatic uptick in the share of digital ads sold through programmatic platforms, particularly those focused on real-time bidding or RTB.

Total US programmatic ad revenue will top nearly $15 billion this year, according to BI Intelligence estimates. RTB, particularly mobile and video RTB, are spearheading growth.

Read more... http://www.businessinsider.com/buyers-and-sellers-have-overwhelmingly-adopted-programmatic-with-mobile-leading-growth-2015-3


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