February 28, 2015

The Ultimate Mobile Video Advertising Guide 2014

2014 was a massive year for mobile. Yet again, the technology of mobile devices became more advanced, we saw the introduction of the iPhone 6 plus a rise in more affordable, yet advanced, smartphones. More and more people became owners of smartphones and subsequently mobile advertising grew significantly.

This growth is expected to continually rise throughout 2015 and beyond. By 2017, there is expected to be over 5 billion mobile phone users worldwide, making near enough 70% of the world's population mobile phone users! (eMarketer, 2014) It's no secret that mobile is everywhere you look – it is ubiquitous. People are carrying around supercomputers in their pockets and their advancing technologies make them extremely powerful business tools. So what new trends can we expect for mobile in 2015? We have compiled a list of 5 trends to look out for in the coming year…

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