December 28, 2014

2014: Year of the Uber-ing of everything

SAN FRANCISCO — Look back on 2014 and one thing becomes instantly clear. Technology is helping us become the Laziest Generation.

Think about it, people. In the old days, we'd stand bravely in the rain waiting for a cab. Now we just fire up Uber—which despite executives' unsavory reputation on privacy and women just raised $1.2 billion—and our chariot rolls up.


December 24, 2014

Haven’t sent your holiday cards yet? Here are 5 tech-savvy solutions

With Christmas just one day from now, there's no better time to boost your visibility with clients and vendors. (Actually, there was a better time; it was several weeks ago,


5 apps every Realtor should be using | Inman News

I'm a big fan of new technologies, and a good app often is a real lifesaver. I am not ashamed to accept any help I can get — especially if the only thing I need to do is tap the "download" button.

I've created a list of the five best work-related apps I use every day. These wonderful inventions can help you organize your schedule, remember passwords or keep your paperwork just a click away.


December 7, 2014

North Korea denies involvement in 'righteous' Sony hack

There's something a little sad about a great conspiracy theory being disproven.

When Sony was hacked over the weekend and saw both Fury and Annie released online, many wondered if North Korea was behind the attack. Why would they do such a thing, you may ask? Sony is also the company behind, The Interview, which parodies North Korea's supreme leader Kim Jong-un and centers its entire plot around James Franco and Seth Rogen plotting to assassinate him.


This Disk In Your Pants Tells you to Sit Up And Breathe Into Your Belly

reathing and sitting up straight are two elements that engineer duo Andre Persidsky and Alex Ahlund believe are key to getting a handle on stress and wellbeing. The two life-long meditators and serial entrepreneurs came together to create Prana, a patent-pending clip-on disk that monitors how your posture affects your breath throughout the day.



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