May 17, 2014

What Google’s Stock Split Means for You -

No, the halving of Google Inc.'s stock price Thursday and a new ticker symbol aren't mistakes on your screens.
Google's long-awaited two-for-one stock split, announced nearly two years ago, has finally arrived, a development that will help cement founders Larry Page's and Sergey Brin's control over the Internet search giant.
In a stock split, a company increases the number of shares outstanding while lowering the price accordingly. In this instance, Google's "Class "A" shares now trade under the GOOGL ticker symbol, while the newly created "Class C" shares trade under the GOOG symbol.


May 13, 2014

Europe Orders Google to Let People Sanitize Their Search Results - Businessweek

Ever wish you could make Google delete that embarrassing tidbit of personal information that turns up whenever someone searches your name? Europeans may soon be able to do just that.

The European Union’s top court ruled today that individuals can demand the removal of links and other information in search results that could threaten their privacy. People “have a right to be forgotten,” the court said.

The case involved a Spanish man who wanted Google to delete a 16-year-old newspaper article about his house being auctioned off for failure to pay taxes. But the ruling, by the Luxembourg-based European Court of Justice, is binding on all 28 EU member countries and involves all search engine owners, not just Google. EU Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding called it “a clear victory for the protection of personal data of Europeans.”

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May 10, 2014

Mink 3D Printed Make-Up Grace Choi - Business Insider

Imagine being able to make your own gorgeous, high-quality makeup at home, using any colors you choose. 

That's the future envisioned by Grace Choi, who made a huge splash this week when she presented a product that can print makeup at TechCrunch Disrupt.

 Choi has created a prototype for a printer called "Mink" that will let users choose any color imaginable and then print out makeup in that exact same hue (at this point, she's only done demonstrations with blush). By allowing people to skip the expensive department store prices to make the perfectly colored products themselves, Mink could completely revolutionize the makeup industry.

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May 7, 2014

Drafting Goes Paperless With a 3-D Printing Pen - Architizer

Was Harold (of Harold and the Purple Crayon fame) the ultimate architect? The fictional whipper-snapper could construct interiors and buildings with a wave of his magic drafting tool without changing out of his pajamas.

Decades later, here in the real world, it looks like Harold's uncanny construction abilities are now in your hands. Literally. The new LIX Pen, although still in its prototype stages, is a handheld 3-D printing device that sketches in mid-air, whether that's renderings, prototypes, or pint-sized craft projects. The hot-end nozzle melts various colors of ABS or plant-based PLA plastics and extrudes them into a fine thread that hardens on contact with the air, thus creating rigid, freestanding lines. The perks are myriad: it's a portable, lightweight drafting tool that requires no paper and creates instant architectural models wherever you are, and it's also USB-rechargable.

London-based LIX is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to fund the LIX Pen's way into production. It's not the first of its kind on the market, but it does demonstrate real progress in 3-D printing technology and better use as a professional tool rather than just a novelty.

Unlike its predecessors, the plastic is extruded through a much finer tip for cleaner, more refined designs. Plus, the form of the product itself resembles a luxury pen, the metal-bodied kind that adults gift each other in velvet-lined boxes. It's about time, after all, that Harold grew up.


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