September 28, 2013

APS solar plant produces electricity, even after dark

A massive new solar plant near Gila Bend that has the unique ability to produce power long after the sun sets has begun sending power to the grid.

The Solana Generating Station was built by Abengoa Solar, a subsidiary of a Spanish company, and it is sending test power to Arizona Public Service Co. The plant is expected to reach its full capacity in October.

Once it’s fully up and running, Solana will, for a time at least, be the largest power plant of its kind in the world.

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Off-limits phone data was tracked for 3 years -

SAN FRANCISCO — SAN FRANCISCO U.S. officials for nearly three years accessed data on thousands of domestic phone numbers they shouldn't have and then misrepresented their actions to a secret spy court to reauthorize the government's surveillance program, documents released Tuesday show.

The government's explanation points to an enormous surveillance infrastructure with such incredible power that even the National Security Agency doesn't fully know how to properly use it: Officials told a judge in 2009 that the system is so large and complicated that "there was no single person who had a complete technical understanding" of it.

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September 21, 2013

Danica Patrick Better For Go Daddy’s Brand Than Van Damme? | WebProNews

Earlier this month, we reported that Go Daddy has dropped the GoDaddy girls in favor of a new “ass-kicking” small business message in its advertisements. They kicked this new strategy off during the NFL season opener with an ad featuring screen legend Jean-Claude Van Damme.

“Go Daddy may have to bring sexy back,” a YouGov spokesperson tells WebProNews. “Trading in provocative auto racer Danica Patrick in a bikini for action star Jean-Claude Van Damme playing musical instruments in a bakery has not given Go Daddy’s new ad campaign a promising start with consumers.”

Since the ad spot premiered, they say, ad awareness has increased nearly 50%, and the brand’s perception has shown improvement, but in the past five days, consumer perception of the company has fallen to just below where it was before the ad launched, with equal positive and negative feedback from consumers.

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Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch unveiled: 'slimmer, lighter, faster' Note 3 comes in 9 different colours | Mail Online

Following months of mounting tension and fierce speculation, Samsung has finally unveiled its Galaxy Gear smartwatch and revealed a 'slimmer, lighter, faster' Galaxy Note 3 phablet.

Speaking at the IFA conference in Berlin, Samsung's CEO JK Shin said: 'For the first time we have given Galaxy Note 3 a warm texture-touch cover. It's slimmer, lighter, and more powerful and all in a beautiful design.'

He then told the crowd he was getting a call and unveiled the smartwatch, adding that the Galaxy Note is powered by the Galaxy Gear and he hopes the watch will become 'a fashion statement.'

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YellowJacket iPhone Case with Stun Gun Hope to Deter Thefts of Apple's Latest Phones - ABC News

Apple is set to release later this week what it is calling the most forward-thinking smartphone, and one that also addresses one of the biggest issues facing users -- smartphone thefts that have come to be called Apple picking.

Apple itself has beefed up security with a fingerprint sensor and some new software features that makes it harder for a thief to use a stolen phone, but Louisiana-based YellowJacket has a deterrent with a bit more sting.

That idea? An iPhone 5S case with a stun gun.

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Hackers Reveal Nasty New Car Attacks--With Me Behind The Wheel (Video) - Forbes

Stomping on the brakes of a 3,500-pound Ford Escape that refuses to stop–or even slow down–produces a unique feeling of anxiety. In this case it also produces a deep groaning sound, like an angry water buffalo bellowing somewhere under the SUV’s chassis. The more I pound the pedal, the louder the groan gets–along with the delighted cackling of the two hackers sitting behind me in the backseat.

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Microsoft to buy Nokia phones, patents for $7.2 billion

HELSINKI (AP) - Microsoft Corp. is buying Nokia Corp.'s line-up of smartphones and a portfolio of patents and services in an attempt to strengthen its fight with Apple Inc. and Google Inc. to capture a slice of the lucrative mobile computing market.

The 5.44 billion euros ($7.2 billion) deal announced late Monday marks a major step in the company's push to transform itself from a software maker focused on making operating systems and applications for desktop and laptop computers into a more versatile and nimble company that delivers services on any kind of Internet-connected gadget.

 "It's a bold step into the future - a win-win for employees, shareholders and consumers of both companies," Microsoft CEO Steven Ballmer told reporters at Nokia's headquarters in Finland Tuesday. "It's a signature event."

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September 8, 2013

Testers of Google Glass weigh pros and cons -

Among the people testing Google Inc.'s wearable computer are teachers, dentists, doctors, radio disc jockeys, hairstylists, architects, athletes and even a zookeeper.

Some 10,000 people are trying out an early version of Glass, most of them selected as part of a contest.

To get a sense of the advantages and drawbacks of the device, the Associated Press spoke to three Glass owners who have been using the device since late spring: Sarah Hill, a former TV broadcaster and current military-veterans advocate; David Levy, a hiking enthusiast and small-business owner; and Deborah Lee, a stay-at-home mom.

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Scientists test simpler, cheaper IVF method

LONDON — Since the first test-tube baby was born more than three decades ago, in vitro fertilization has evolved into a highly sophisticated lab procedure. Now, scientists are going back to basics and testing a simpler and cheaper method.

In the West, many would-be parents spend thousands of dollars for IVF, which involves pricey incubators and extensive screening. But European and American scientists say a simplified version of the entire procedure aimed at developing countries could be done for about $265 with generic fertility drugs and basic lab equipment that would fit inside a shoebox.

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September 7, 2013

Telemarketers ignoring Do Not Call law | Appleton Post-Crescent |

The average monthly complaints from consumers who signed up for the national Do Not Call list but still are getting telemarketing calls have jumped 63percent from 2011.

The statistics are in data from the Federal Trade Commission, which maintains the list.

 Much of the blame is on a proliferation of computerized robocalls, according to Lois Greisman, the FTC’s director of marketing practices.

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September 2, 2013

TiVo Roamio Pro - Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) - CNET Reviews

With its just-announced line of Roamio DVRs, TiVo is one big step closer to an all-in-one box for live, recorded, and on-demand TV.

Though I don't know that it's wise to name a product after something that has an indelible relationship to a tragedy, the company's newest DVR goes hard-drive-to-hard-drive with Dish's Hopper with Sling, offering lots of tuners, tons of storage, and options for sending content to other rooms without buying additional DVRs. It also makes it easier to load up your mobile devices (at least, iOS ones for now) with recordings. The Roamio boxes further sweeten the on-demand video pot with a heavy dollop of online video options, including Netflix, Hulu Plus, and YouTube, meaning you can jump to those services -- and search them -- without having to switch the input on your TV.

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A scientific guide to posting Tweets, Facebook posts, Emails and Blog posts at the best time - The Buffer Blog

We're pretty keen on optimal timing for social media here at Buffer, and I figured it was high time I collected all the information we have about online communication into one place. I've collected research and stats on Twitter, Facebook, email and blogging to help you find the best time to communicate with others in each format. 

China's Social Media Revolution

April 24 (Bloomberg) -- Innovation Works Chairman and CEO Dr. Kai-Fu Lee discusses China's social media revolution with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)


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