August 24, 2013

Can the Fashion Industry Make Google Glasses Chic? | Fashionista

This weekend, while flipping through Marie Claire‘s September issue, I was reminded that Nina Garcia has vowed to wear Google Glass throughout Fashion Week. That means front-row live streams of runways shows will be projected through the eyes of the Project Runway judge. Pretty neat.

Vogue is also enamored with Google Glass, giving the lenses a starring role in a September issue fashion spread. Chic.

With those two haute endorsements, Google must be feeling pretty great about its product’s coolness factor. Especially since it plans to begin selling Google Glass to consumers at the beginning of 2014. However, there’s a problem with this “Google Glass as fashion accessory” talk. The glasses, with their wire frames and goofy lens shape, are pretty ugly. Like, objectively ugly.

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