January 1, 2013

Press Pause and Learn How Your DVR Actually Works

Back in the late '90s, the brand "TiVo" was eponymous with the term "DVR" -- after all, it was the first successful digital video recorder aimed at consumers. And although TiVo use is down from its 2006 sales peak, many of us have fond memories of the service. Remember the bubbly little sounds as you clicked fast forward? Or perhaps you recall rewinding the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show, when Justin Timberlake ripped off Janet Jackson's top, exposing her breast in the now-infamous "wardrobe malfunction?"

Indeed, DVR technology has impacted the way we interact with entertainment in general, not just television. Most of us are familiar with the optional DVRs incorporated into the set-top boxes that come with a cable or satellite subscription. However, DVRs also function with portable media players, recorders with memory cards and hard disk drives on some PCs.

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