January 30, 2013

BlackBerry Z10 officially announced - SlashGear

Today at RIM's launch event in New York City for BlackBerry 10, the company (which has renamed itself to just "BlackBerry") officially unveiled two new devices, one of which we've already heard about plenty of times. The BlackBerry Z10 is one of RIM's first devices that will run the company's new BlackBerry 10 operating system, and it comes with a full touchscreen display, which isn't the first time RIM has done this, but it certainly isn't common for them.  Read more...  http://www.slashgear.com/rim-officially-announces-blackberry-z10-30267346/

January 29, 2013

Fake Amazon Page Is The Best Resume Ever!

We don't actually know if Philippe Dubost is any good at his job. But boy, can he throw together a resume.

Dubost, a web product manager currently based in Paris, is looking to travel for his next position. So he decided to make his CV stand out anywhere in the world — by mimicking an Amazon product page. Read more...  http://mashable.com/2013/01/24/amazon-page-best-resume-ever/

January 24, 2013

Architect Proposes Plan for 3D Print Building

The versatility of 3D printing is pretty incredible. So far, we've seen robots, self-vaccination kits and personalized action figures created solely through 3D printers.  Read more...  http://mashable.com/2013/01/23/3d-print-home/

How Investors Can Join the 3-D Printing Revolution

Creating a solid, three-dimensional object from a printer sounds like science fiction but it's very real. 3-D printing has created prosthetic legs, racing-car parts, customized mobile phones and more.  Read more....  http://m.yahoo.com/w/legobpengine/finance/blogs/daily-ticker/3-d-tech-stocks-going-change-world-josh-164129611.html?.b=index&.ts=1359046808&.intl=us&.lang=en

Google Shares Soar After Q4 Earnings Prove They “Get It”

Shares of Google (GOOG) blasted off Wednesday morning after the search engine behemoth reported a quarter that was short on numerical specificity but strong where it counted. Officially, Google reported non-GAAP EPS of $10.65 versus Street estimates of $10.42, but the numbers were so clouded by charges that it hardly mattered.  Read more...  http://m.yahoo.com/w/legobpengine/finance/blogs/breakout/google-shares-soar-q4-earnings-prove-161748923.html?.b=index&.ts=1359046400&.intl=us&.lang=en

Apple’s profit rocket hits air pocket

NEW YORK — Apple Inc. warned Wednesday that the blockbuster sales growth of the last five years is slowing drastically, as iPhone sales are starting to plateau.

The outlook sent Apple shares plunging by 10 percent, wiping out a year's worth of gains.  Read more...  http://www.azcentral.com//business/consumer/free/20130123apples-profit-rocket-hits-air-pocket.html?source=nletter-

January 23, 2013

Anonymous hacks MIT after Aaron Swartz's suicide | Internet & Media - CNET News

Just hours after the Massachusetts Institute of Technology pledged an investigation into its role in events leading up to the suicide of Aaron Swartz, online hacktivist group Anonymous defaced the school's Web site.

Swartz, who championed open access to documents on the Internet, committed suicide on Friday. The 26-year-old was arrested in July 2011 and accused of stealing 4 million documents from MIT and Jstor, an archive of scientific journals and academic papers. He faced $4 million in fines and more than 50 years in prison if convicted.

Read more: Anonymous hacks MIT after Aaron Swartz's suicide | Internet & Media - CNET News

January 22, 2013

Here’s What Google's Eric Schmidt Said About North Korea

Not everyone was happy with Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt's trip to North Korea or its secretive nature. Now we have details about what the whole thing was about.

Schmidt posted on his Google+ account this morning, and said the goal was to talk to North Korea about a free and open Internet. The reason many people suspected Schmidt was making the trip was to increase Google's market into the country, but why can't it be both? Google would no doubt get one of its many fingers into an open North Korean Internet, so it could be a classic win-win for Google and the North Korean people.

Read more: Here’s What Google's Eric Schmidt Said About North Korea

Beware: Top 10 Scams of the Year [INFOGRAPHIC]

Scams, much like viral cat videos, are a staple of the Internet. Even the savviest of Internet users can still get tangled in the web's latest harmful trick — such as these 10 highlighted from the past year.

The Better Business Bureau has released this infographic, charting the biggest consumer scams of 2011. Their rankings are based on the volume and spikes in complaints, the economic climate and major events exploited by scammers, information collected by its Scam Source, and alerts issued through local BBBs during 2011.

Read more: Beware: Top 10 Scams of the Year [INFOGRAPHIC]

January 21, 2013

RIM renames store to BlackBerry World as more content is added | PCWorld

Research In Motion has renamed its web store BlackBerry World, as it gets ready to add more content ahead of the launch of the BlackBerry 10 operating system.

RIM recently announced that users will soon be able to download videos and music from the store in addition to applications, and the naming change reflects that shift as the company transitions to BlackBerry 10, according to a blog posted on Monday.

Read more: RIM renames store to BlackBerry World as more content is added | PCWorld

January 20, 2013

Social media opens doors

When the Internet was created, few people understood what it could be used for. Now, we can’t live without it.

That’s good news when it comes to seeking and landing a job.

The way humans communicate has evolved drastically over time, from cave paintings to a global network that has entwined itself into almost every aspect of our lives. And with social media continuing to grow and link itself into everyday communication, our “cave paintings” can be seen be a lot more people.

Such tools as Facebook and Twitter offer a “meet and greet” opportunity that is active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Read more: Social media opens doors

January 19, 2013

Cox doubles down on live streaming with new TV app

Cox Communications continued to build on its investment in live TV streaming, unveiling its latest mobile app at a CES presser. Developed in partnership with Cisco, the yet unnamed app will feature 90 live channels, On Demand content and personalized video recommendations for up to eight household members. Folks who don't quite feel the recommendations they receive will also be able to "like," "dislike" or "suspend" them. Cox apparently plans to place its proverbial eggs into this one basket, eventually integrating all its mobile applications into the app. Cox has been busy releasing all sorts of digital offerings in the last few years, including the Cox TV Connect app in late 2011 as well as its Cox Mobile Connect apps. The new app is slated to debut on the iPad first but will be available on more devices by the end of the year. For more details, check out the PR after the break.

Read more: Cox doubles down on live streaming with new TV app

Lego bricks to get cozy with Apple devices

LEGO bricks are getting cozy with the iPhone and other Apple devices in the latest incarnation of the Mindstorms robotics kit.

Lego is set to announce later today that a new, $350 Mindstorms EV3 kit will have the ability to talk to iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches through Bluetooth wireless connections.

That means Lego builders can use the devices as remote controls for their robots, or create simple programs that are then sent to the robots to control their actions.

Read more: Lego bricks to get cozy with Apple devices

January 11, 2013

BBC News - CES 2013: Looking beyond 4k to the TVs of the future

Screens with 33-megapixel resolutions, projectors that blend their output to go as large as you want and screenless displays hint at the future of TV at CES.  Read more:  http://m.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-20965404

January 1, 2013

Click, print, shoot: Downloadable guns possible

Downloading a gun design to your computer, building it with a three-dimensional printer that uses plastics and other materials, and firing it minutes later. No background checks, no questions asked.

Sound far-fetched? It's not. And that is disquieting for gun control advocates.
US Representative Steven Israel, of New York, said the prospect of such guns becoming reality is reason enough for the renewal of the Undetectable Firearms Act, which makes it illegal to build guns that can't be detected by X-ray or metallic scanners. That law expires at the end of 2013.

Read more: Click, print, shoot: Downloadable guns possible

Developers worried about new rules for kid apps

WASHINGTON (AP) — A cellphone game for kids about U.S. geography, "Stack the States," gets rave reviews from parents. Its creator, Dan Russell-Pinson, considered making the 99-cent app better by adding a feature to allow children to play online against one another. But with the Federal Trade Commission issuing more stringent online child privacy rules, he's not even pursuing the idea.

"It would require all kinds of data sharing," said Russell-Pinson, the founder and sole employee of Freecloud Design in Charlotte, N.C. "I would be kind of afraid to do that."

Read more: Developers worried about new rules for kid apps

Press Pause and Learn How Your DVR Actually Works

Back in the late '90s, the brand "TiVo" was eponymous with the term "DVR" -- after all, it was the first successful digital video recorder aimed at consumers. And although TiVo use is down from its 2006 sales peak, many of us have fond memories of the service. Remember the bubbly little sounds as you clicked fast forward? Or perhaps you recall rewinding the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show, when Justin Timberlake ripped off Janet Jackson's top, exposing her breast in the now-infamous "wardrobe malfunction?"

Indeed, DVR technology has impacted the way we interact with entertainment in general, not just television. Most of us are familiar with the optional DVRs incorporated into the set-top boxes that come with a cable or satellite subscription. However, DVRs also function with portable media players, recorders with memory cards and hard disk drives on some PCs.

Read more: Press Pause and Learn How Your DVR Actually Works


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