October 8, 2012

Together, we can enhance cybersecurity in the U.S.

Few issues facing our country are more urgent or important as protecting our interconnected world of cyberspace. From the kitchen table to the classroom, from business transactions to government operations, cybernetworks have become an essential part of our everyday life.

And while this increased connectivity has led to significant transformations and advances across our country and around the world, it also has increased the importance and complexity of our shared risk.

Protecting our country from cybercrime and cyberattacks is as vital to our national security as it is to our economic prosperity. Indeed, a recent Norton study reported that cybercriminals steal more than $110billion from more than 556million individuals every year. When combined with the value of time victims lost, this figure grows to $388billion globally, which the study described as "significantly more" than the global black market in marijuana, cocaine, and heroin combined.

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