December 4, 2011

10 Tools to Make Your Business Mobile Friendly | Marketing Technology Blog

I’m still generally surprised by the number of sites that are not yet viewable on a mobile device – including very, very large publishers. It’s not just an opportunity to get some additional readers, customizing your site for mobile use can enhance your user experience since you know that folks are currently mobile! With the huge variety of screens and operating systems, optimizing for mobile isn’t a piece of cake anymore, though.

Here are 10 Tools to Make Your Site Mobile Ready.

bMobilized – a simple, basic tool that automatically converts your content to a mobile optimized site with some basic customization.

Dudamobile – out of all of the tools I tested, this may have been the easiest to use and implement! Their basic wizard could allow you to have a mobile site up in a few minutes. They also allow you to remove all their ads and use a custom domain for a few extra bucks.

FiddleFly – an easy custom mobile Website builder for agencies to work with their clients on building mobile sites.

Fiddle Fly from FiddleFly on Vimeo.

Mippin – is a basic mobile application builder for any mobile operating system that simply takes your RSS feed and syndicates it nicely into a mobile format.

Mobicanvas – a free, drag and drop mobile CMS with widget integration and basic reporting.

Mobify – Publishers and web designers around the world use Mobify Studio to create beautiful mobile websites. Mobify has published mobile sites for a number of content management systems, including WordPress, Drupal and others. Mobify also has an ecommerce engine.

Mobile Roadie – has built hundreds of custom applications for bands, sports celebrities and businesses. Their content management system is highly integrated and sophisticated.

mobiSiteGalore – Build your own Mobile Websitein minutes that looks rich in smart phones and graceful even in low end phones

Mofuse – is a mobile content management system that can also integrate a geographic store locator. Build, Launch, Measure, Integrate and Promote your mobile website.

WPTouch for WordPress – we use this plugin on our blog and it’s been fantastic. It’s easily customizable and presents the content beautifully.

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