February 12, 2011

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The biggest challenge for Facebook Fan pages is to attract and retain fans. In this post I will talk about 3 Core Elements to increase the appeal of your FB fan Page. Each tip goes with an example.

#1 Create a mini hub

I once listened to Mari Smith explaining the power of a mini hub. She said: “the less clicks you require your customers to make, the more likely you ‘ll get them to where you want them to go”. This goes not only for Facebook Fan Pages, but for all online touchpoints you ‘ll have with your customers.

Chick-Fil-A has successfully created a mini hub on Facebook. At the moment I wrote this, they had almost 3,6 million fans!!!

Chick-Fil-A is a big food chain that started out as a family business in 1946. They combine intelligence and great design on their Facebook Page.

I love the way they keep the family business character of the company alife. They have managed to create a mini-hub where customers are welcomed into their restaurants. The Facebook Fanpage is a central place with access to all local Chick-Fil-A restaurants. This way they add local experiences to the hub. As a customer you are invited to the opening of new Chick-Fil-A restaurants in your town. Although this is a big food chain, they have managed to keep the experience of a small family business.

The locator tab:

The Menu tab:

#2 Ask questions on your welcome tab

I remember a great advice from Chris Brogan, when Michael Stelzner asked him about engagement in social media. Chris commented: “Grow Bigger Ears”. It is that simple. Start asking questions and receive tips from your customers. This is a win-win strategy. Your fans feel noticed by you and you receive valuable feed back from them.

1800 Flowers is a flower shop with a great fanpage. What I like especially is there welcome question on the welcome tab. 1800 Flowers asks their visitors what they would like to see more on the page. Talking about listening to your customers!

1800-Flowers.com Welcome Tab:

#3 Make your Page Friendly and Fun

We all know that a Facebook Fan Page is more than just a page. It’ s a place for your fans to engage with you. But how do you get engaged with your fans. One way is to add fun experience to your landing tab. This has proven to be extremely inviting to new fans.

Firehouse subs have done a great job with their page. It has a well designed welcome tab with an embedded video. It looks good and is fun.

Firehouse Subs Cherry LimeAid tab:

Always keep in mind: your facebook fan page is primarily a platform to engage with your fans. To do this successfully, create a mini hub to keep them there, engage by asking them funny and interesting questions and create a funny and friendly environment. To help you with some ideas for your page: think about the things that make you feel at home, surprise you, make you feel noticed and make you laugh. Try some of these. Dare to take some risks and create great facebook fan page designs. Use video and well designed welcome tabs. Follow these rules and build a successful social strategy. Next week, I ‘ll show you 3 new examples of successful FB pages. In the mean time: start your Social Strategy for your Sustainable Success.

by Juan Felix Mirror Yourself December 3, 2010

Mirror Yourself » Blog Archive » 3 Elements for Successful Facebook Fan Page

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