February 12, 2011

9 Ways to Make Your Facebook Pages Red Hot | Smedio | The New Media and Social Web Guide for Business and Marketers

Business owners understand the need for a Facebook Fanpage. Creating a page is relatively easy. Engagement with your fans can be quite challenging. Ever thought: ”What does my Facebook fanpage need to attract more fans and keep them coming back for more?” Here are 9 Tips to help you make it a sparkling place.

1. Create a mini hub

If fans visit your Facebook page, why not keep them there for as long as you can? To do so, add Facebook applications to your fanpage. If you own a shop or restaurant, think about adding locator functionality. Fans will be able to search for your nearest location without leaving your page. You might even add a tab with todays special or a tab with your menu of the week. Visit Facebook apps to learn more about Facebook applications.

2. Use creative welcome tabs

Welcome tabs are great landing pages. With a creative design you are able to make the best impression possible. If this is the first contact with your company, better make it an ever lasting one. Welcome videos are extremely inviting to new fans. You could even ask your page visitors what they would like to see on your page. Visit Facebook Welcometab to create your own welcome tab.

3. Offer special content to fans

Fans deserve a reward. Give them access to exclusive content if they click on the like button. Lead your fans to an exclusive video or interview on the welcome tab. Offer them special coupons to receive a discount on your product of the month. The technological possibilities are endless. It comes down to your imagination.

4. Make it personal

Why not reserve one of the tabs to present the contributors to your fan page. Ask each of the community managers to your page to write a small bio, add a picture and present it with an ‘Our Team’ tab on your page. This tab will make your business fan page more personal and increase the likeability of your company.

5. Educate and entertain

Use your fan page to provide educational tips to your fans and ask interesting and fun questions. If your business sells clothes, why not talk about the latest trends. Ask your fans to share pictures of how they dress and give them some advice. Share tips what they could wear this Spring.

6. Set up a storefront

One of the great applications on Facebook is storefrontsocial. If you want to sell your products online, this is definitely an app for you. It’s easy to set up a storefront and present all your products with great looking pictures. Fans will be able to buy directly on your page. And even better – with tweet and share buttons next to the products they are able to share their favorite products with followers and friends.

7. Share your passion

Facebook page is a great place to position your company. Transform the fan page into a real experience. Tell a story about your company. Use video and photos to spread the passion for your brand. Add the right music to it and you’ll be able to enter the power of the heart. Add share buttons to it and watch your Facebook page content spread like wildfire.

8. Dare to take risks

It takes courage to start a business. It asks even more to present yourself in a unique and compelling way. Although there are lots of functionalities on Facebook to support your positioning, being noticed comes down to creativity and guts. Remember that your Facebook page supports how you want others to see your company or brand. The only way to learn if you succeed or not is asking for feedback. So, take some risks and ask your fans for a response.

9. Add a blog

If you have a company blog, you could use NetworkedBlogs to add it to your Facebook page. NetworkedBlogs is the biggest news reader on Facebook, publishing more than 500,000 blogs around the world. It offers a syndication application to share your blog on the fan page, your personal page and your twitter accounts.

by Juan Felix Smedio January 19, 2011

9 Ways to Make Your Facebook Pages Red Hot | Smedio | The New Media and Social Web Guide for Business and Marketers

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