June 18, 2018

Google Won't Renew Controversial Pentagon AI Project

The backlash to Google's work on a US military artificial-intelligence project began inside the tech giant, but in recent weeks, it has spilled into the public. As employees resigned in protest over Google's work with Project Maven, which uses AI to identify potential drone targets in satellite images, reports revealed top executives fretting over how it will be perceived by the public. On Friday, Google changed course, as Google Cloud CEO Diane Greene announced internally that the company will not renew the contract for Project Maven, according to Gizmodo. The current contract expires in 2019.

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Google, Rebuilding Its Presence in China, Invests in Retailer JD.com

BEIJING — Google's best-known products have been blocked by the authorities in mainland China for years. If the American internet giant wants that to change someday, then half a billion dollars' worth of good will couldn't hurt.

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April 21, 2018

How Blockchain is Bringing Technology Conversations Back in Lending

James Vinci joined Equator in 2010 and is the VP and Chief Technology Officer of the Equator business unit for Altisource. Vinci is also responsible for ensuring the successful performance of the company's business mission through development and advance preparation of the company's products and services. Vinci's role also includes foreseeing, company's service offerings as a web-based business, execution of the latest web-based technologies, and advance planning for future risks and growth. Prior to working at Equator, Vinci was President and Enterprise Architect at RedWire IT, SVP of Professional Services at Lydian Technology Group, and SVP of Professional Services at WellFound Decade Corp. He is a graduate of Columbia University.

Read more... http://themreport.com/daily-dose/04-17-2018/how-blockchains-bringing-technology-conversations-back-in-lending


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