March 20, 2020

Microsoft Confirms Massive Windows 10 Upgrade Changes

Windows 10 users, it is well known that you've had a truly rotten run of bad updates as well as serious questions about transparency but brace yourself because Microsoft has just unveiled two massive upgrades which you will like. 


February 12, 2020

Judge greenlights $26 billion merger of Sprint, T-Mobile

A federal judge has ruled in favor of Sprint and T-Mobile's $26 billion merger, dismissing anti-competition concerns and clearing the way for a deal that would create the nation's third-largest wireless carrier as the industry hurtles toward the new frontier of ultrafast 5G service.


February 6, 2020

Google Maps turns 15 today and receives a major update for iOS and Android users

Google Maps is having a celebration for its 15th birthday which happens to be today. And instead of the birthday app receiving gifts and cake, iOS and Android users will the recipient of goodies through a major update to the app. Once a staid tool for navigation, Google Maps has become the app to turn to when you want to discover what exciting things are going on at your current location, and where you can find the best eateries in town.



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